• Information: Snacks Are Not Enough

    As you prepare for your next venture in life, your next job, you need to focus. Focus and prioritize all the info nuggets you uncover in your job-seeking research. With the profuse amount of diverse information available today, you need to concentrate on that which helps you clarify who you want to be, facilitates doing the work you want to do and helps you articulate these goals to yourself and others.

    There are lots of us who thrive on learning new, and often, arcane bits of lore to enrich our lives. But, as with life, not all snacks are equal.

    Sharon Hayes in her post for Year of a Lifetime: Make 2010 Your Best Year Ever has a fascinating critique of the ways in which today’s proliferation of and easy access to  information has turned us into snackers. “We have become addicted to information… We skim and get the general idea of information rather than absorbing and understanding it….  It is a really vicious cycle for many people: we don’t filter the information we take in to determine what is important or isn’t, we scan rather than read those things that could impact us, we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what we discover, we don’t take action on what we learn and then we feel the need to share this snackage with others.”

    Job-seeking research is essential but it should not be tackled superficially or allowed to become an avoidance technique. Deal with the real work necessary to find the job you desire, and then you can snack with delicious abandon.

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