• Pause Before You Pounce!

    Proactive pauses are vital as you gear up to retool and redefine your working life. Big changes require big thoughts. Before you pounce on a new position or even a new direction, pause to assess your strengths, reflect on where you have been and investigate new options.

    Don’t know much about pausing??? You may want to check out this new book,

    The Power of Pause: How to be more effective in a demanding, 24/7 world, by Nancy Guilmartin. The author explores how executives can hit the pause button — from a second to days — in their overscheduled lives to interrupt automatic reactions, mobilize curiosity and produce more effective solutions to their challenges. She teaches the readers how to increase their communication intelligence (CQ) by providing strategies and language to identify and manage the demands on their attention. Readers learn how to become aware of their (and others’) filters which can cause misinterpretations, regain self-control and recognize choices.

    The Power of Pause process shows readers how to:

    • Suspend the urge to react, allowing for better choices
    • Have a productive conversation while disagreeing
    • Discover what you didn’t know you didn’t know


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