• Marc Freedman and the “Generativity Revolution”

    Ahhh, Marc Freedman (Founder and CEO of Civic Ventures and Encore.org) takes on David Brook’s NY Times, op-ed piece, The Geezer Crusade, which we posted on February 2nd. His response (albeit too gentle) appeared in yesterday’s Huffington Post.

    You may recall Brooks rather biased calls for a “generativity revolution” to reverse public policies that he says rob the young to serve the old and take from them funding, freedom and opportunity.

    “It now seems clear that the only way the U.S. is going to avoid an economic crisis is if the oldsters take it upon themselves to arise and force change,” Brooks writes.

    Freedman says, “We agree, except to say that the real generativity revolution is well underway. And with the help of smart new policies, this movement of forward-looking baby boomers might actually succeed…. After decades of decline, the average retirement age has been increasing steadily, with more adults 55 and older staying in the labor force. And its increasingly clear that these older workers aren’t competing with younger people; they are meeting demands for talent that will only grow as the economy recovers.”

    Neither addresses the FACT that two wars – Iraq and Afghanistan – are draining the economy at warp speed. It’s not the seniors who continue to work, holding down important, value added jobs, nor senior programs such as Social Security to which those same working seniors have contributed for their entire working lives!

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