• Mea Culpa!

    One of my trusty readers took me to task today, thinking I had maligned seniors who might be “looking forward to the comforts of a rocking chair.”

    This was certainly not my intention and I do apologize. I personally adore rocking chairs. I think their appearance in airport lounges is the single best addition to air travel since Lindy landed in Paris. I have rocking chairs in my garden (above) and one in every room of my house except the bathrooms. That being said, I am sure that once some ingenious soul invents a rocking commode I will install it immediately.

    My intent was to tell those readers who were not contemplating creating their own business but rather were looking forward to the comforts of a rocking chair not to waste their time reading that particular “boomer enterprise” posting.

    Rest assured I would never demean anyone’s ambitions nor the rocker in which I do most all of my creating thinking.

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  1. Holly says:

    If you wait until you’re in your 80s to stake your claim to the comforts of a rocking chair, then you’ve been missing out on one of life’s gentler delights. I have 47 years of memories peppered with rocking chairs, from my mother’s dark antique rocker, purchased at a farm auction, which always smelled faintly of her and her knitting to the soft creak of a porch swing on a summer’s evening. I’m all for rocking. And if you’ve never taken a recliner for a test drive? More magic awaits!

    But do get out of that chair. It’s a rocker, not a coffin. Not a jail cell. Not a parking place. Life needs you!

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