• Why Hunting for a “Great” Job Will Hurt Your Career

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    Notice the emphasis on “Great” as you read this interesting twist on searching for meaningful work at Bnet.com, CBS’s interactive business network.

    The article was written by one of our favorite bloggers, Penelope Trunk. She advocates taking a job – any job – if you are unemployed because, “lucky people create their own luck… For the unemployed, that means taking almost any job. People get lucky at work – someone mentors them, a big project lands in your lap, you catch a huge error and save a lot of money. But no one gets lucky in a job without actually being in a job.”

    Her five reasons why you should immediately stop searching for that “great” job and take almost anything that comes along sound reasonable, but can you really count on any old job? And that “almost any” trips me up. I’d like to hear what would qualify as an absolutely no way job. Would you want to begin bagging at the supermarket, for example, if you were not interested in working your way up that food chain? But then, I suppose we should not discount the possibility of hearing about a great opportunity more akin to your aspirations while bagging the broccoli. And the chances of that are??? Food for thought!

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  1. Good point, Elizabeth. I’ve always kind of been a scrapper at work. I’d take extra project that ultimately would turn me into a go-to person, which in turn made more work. Now, that I’m picking up freelance jobs, I’m finding it’s much of the same situation. It’s all about putting yourself out there… there is always an opportunity to succeed!

  2. “It’s all about putting yourself out there.” great way to think. So why does this phrase scare me sooo much? I pray for courage each and every day. But at age 62, I feel so alone in my desire to put my business “out there”. Can you recommend a support group for a 62 year old entrepreneur.



  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Demetria,

    There are not too many groups that we know of. Keep checking our website http://www.seniorentrepreneurshipworks.org as we continue to build it out, and also check http://www.encore.org.

    Please let us know how you are doing.

    All best,


  4. I agree a support group would be great. A publisher said if I put myself out there that her company would publish my book. I’m giving myself a deadline.

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