• Happy Independence Day!

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    Greetings loyal followers!  I return – after a 9 month gestation period filled with moving from Maine’s seacoast to the rolling hills of Virginia to full-time+ work in the nation’s capitol.  After 4 children, 9 months seemed a fitting gestation and, as with each child-birthing, there were aches and pains, brilliant insights and – always –  joy in the moment of deliverance.

    Work is a vital aspect of my life’s journey. Being proactive is my standard modus operandi.

    I listened when Herminia Ibarra said in her gem of a book, Working Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career, “Act your way into a new way of thinking and being. You cannot discover yourself by introspection. Start by changing what you do. Step out. Try different paths. Be attentive to what each step teaches you, and make sure that each step helps you take the next. Only through interaction and engagement with the real world do we discover ourselves.”

    Equally prescient is this comment from one of my favorite bloggers, Penelope Trunk, whom I quoted in my very previous posting,  “Lucky people create their own luck!”

    Savvy Senior that I am,  stepping boldly along new paths comes naturally but, I must say, navigating the DC Metro’s escalators and color-coded trains was not nearly as complicated as the corridors and culture of a new office place.

    Map, courtesy of transitplanner.com

    I will share the tales with you in the weeks and months to come, but for today, as we celebrate the birth of our nation, the most important lesson for you to remember is – the workplace is not a Democracy!

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